To provide clean, pleasant, and sustainable spaces to members of the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library. Our goal is to have an environment that is conducive to studying, minimizes distractions, and can be enjoyed equally by all Library members – current and future.


We ask that you be considerate of the next Library member, as well as the next generation of Library members, that come after you by following these guidelines:

  • Bring beverages in covered, preferably spill-proof and reusable containers.
  • Be mindful of others when eating food in permitted Library spaces.
  • Report any spills or cleanliness issues to the Information Desk staff so we can take care of them promptly.
  • Dispose of any waste properly.
  • Leave the Library resources, furnishings, and equipment as you found them or in better condition.

Food and snacks

No food or snacks are permitted in these spaces:

  • Lobby-level Knowledge Center

Food and snacks are permitted in these spaces:

  • Lobby-level 24-hour space adjacent to the Knowledge Center
  • LL1 Group Study rooms
  • LL1-112 Library Reading Room
  • LL1-104 Student Study/Lounge

Policy violations

Library staff monitor food and drink in our restricted spaces - the Knowledge Center. We will remind members of the food and drink policy and may ask those who do not comply to present their Columbia University IDs for further follow-up.